Topics of the SRNC Speakers Bureau

These topics are customized to the audience’s age level and location. The topics can range from 15 minutes to over an hour. The speakers can arrive in the uniform of the Revolutionary War Militia or Continental Line. We have many period items for show and tell. Several of the topics have Power Point presentations to aid in the visualization and comprehension. We believe that a topic is much more effective if there are visual aids. If we have the permission of the venue, we will bring the weapons of the Revolutionary War. If the venue is appropriate and safe, with the proper permissions, we can fire a volley with the Firelocks. This uses just powder with no projectile.

The Great Wagon Road
Life in NC during the Revolutionary War
A youngster’s life during the Revolutionary War
The NC Scots during the Revolutionary War
1775 in NC
1776 in NC
NC Masons in the Revolutionary War
NC back country during the Revolutionary War
Weapons of the Revolutionary War
Uniforms of the Revolutionary War
The Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War
The march to Kings Mountain
The battle of the Cowpens
The Battle of Moores Creek


For more information or to schedule a speaker, contact Dan Hopping at:

or at 919-271-3683

Here is a downloadable flyer with more information, in Adobe pdf format.